2011 Events

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May 2011: Field trip – Coal Mining in Roeburndale

Some 25 members were treated to a tour of the sites and remains of the coal workings in Roeburndale East. These were important sources of local employment and fuel until the mid 19th century and only finally stopped operating completely towards the end of the century. As we traversed the windswept moors and scattered farm settlements, Mike Kelly pointed out what remains of old bell pits, tracks and residences and explained how the mines operated and who worked them. As a geologist, Mike could also explain how and why the coal was formed but also why the local geology makes it is so difficult to locate and mine. A fascinating day for all concerned, with the added bonus of glorious views and the pleasures of small wild spring flowers on our way.

Those who would like to know more about the coalfields can buy Mike Kelly’s book, Geology of the Lune and Upper Ribble Coalfields (British Mining monograph 85, Northern Mine Research Society, Nelson, Lancashire, 2008).

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March 2011: Display – ‘Tatham and District in Old Photos’

Every table in Tatham Fells Old School was covered with photos before the doors opened, but space was gladly made for the many more that appeared from folders and envelopes carried in by several of the visitors, and arrangements made where possible to make digital copies.

The kitchen was transformed into Lancashire’s smallest theatre for a special showing of an edited version of “A Year in the Fells” – Edward and Sara Mason’s audio-visual presentation, filmed in 1983 – with commentary by Edward Huddleston. The auditorium was packed to the doors!

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