2012 Events

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August 2012: Field trip – The Hill & Spens

Led by Mike Winstanley. Click here for photos

July 2012: Field trip – Foss Bank & the mill race

Led by John Wilson. Click here for photos

April 2012: “Finds” Event

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This was held at Tatham Fells School in Lowgill. Finds were brought in from most of the length and breadth of Tatham parish, and were inspected and identified by Dr. Andrew White, archaeologist, local historian and ex-curator of Lancaster Museum. They were then labelled and displayed by Edward Huddleston.

Many shards of pottery had been dug up in gardens and fields, including some interesting items from the 17th century. Two fine collections of clay pipe fragments were brought in, including two 17th century bowls.

Among the more unusual items were: one Iron-Age, and two mediaeval quern stones, used for hand-milling grain; a cartwheel penny (late 18th Century) from Botton Head; a piece of an intricately perforated tile from the floor of the former malthouse at Guy Hill, and a glass bottle bearing the Guy Hill imprint; some pieces of partly refined iron left from 17th century iron-smelting activity near Lowgill; and a geological core sample taken in 1916-17 by Bolton Corporation Waterworks engineers during surveying near Botton Head for an abortive reservoir scheme.

Dr. White concluded by summing up what had been identified, and what could be deduced from the finds about life and commerce in Tatham in centuries past.